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About Us

Our company, Prospect Fine Metal LLC is a trusted and experienced buying and selling metal refinery company located in the heart of Manhattan. Trust and expertise are the building blocks of our company. Under the guidance of our mentor who has 50 years of experience in the industry and 16 years of apprenticeship under him, we provide professional and reliable services.

We adhere to globally published criteria of the London fixings. Under these strict standards we are allowed to conduct fair trades for sellers as well as buyers. In addition, we proudly comply with anti money laundering programs.

We perform melting and assays on site and same day payouts and no job is too small. We are flexible and welcome new customers with no experience and buy all quantities of precious metal from dust to bars. We also strive to develop and maintain our relationship with long- term customers. Our certified and qualified appraisers offer best in-class service because we believe that our company can only be powered by satisfied and repeat customers.

We buy gold, the all-time favorite, silver, platinum, palladium, whose appeal is growing and rhodium in any possible form from the dental, jewelry, mining, pawn broking, industrial and domestic mining industries. We refine gold dust and powder, bench and polishing sweeps, dental fillings, scrap jewelry, mining and carpets.

We sell gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium in bars, shots in kilo, one, five or ten ounces.